What to Mine and Where to Invest in 2018?

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  1. What coin is the most profitable to mine in 2018?
  2. What coin is best to invest into in 2018?
  3. Conclusion

1. What coin is the most profitable to mine in 2018?

Mining cryptocurrencies is a rather promising type of activity. However, in no case should it be regarded as a passive source of income, because mining of one particular coin is not always profitable. You must constantly maneuver between different cryptocurrencies in order to always get the maximum profit from your own equipment. Also, do not forget about the timely and quality maintenance of equipment. So, what cryptocurrency is considered the best now, in the middle of 2018?

We want to point out that it is not the best idea to engage in mining of the world’s #1 cryptocurrency at home now. The fact is that a couple of years ago, it was much easier to get hold of Bitcoins at home, but the popularity of the coin as well as the number of network members began to grow. This caused a significant increase in complexity, so only those miners who have significant computing power can now make a profit by mining Bitcoin. Altcoins are perfectly suited for home-based mining without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Top-5 best coins for mining in 2018 are:


Bitcoin Cash;




Of course, you can engage in mining of lesser known cryptocurrencies. The complexity will not be as high in their networks, and you will receive more profit. However, we do not know whether these cryptocurrencies will become liquid in the future or remain a deadweight on your wallet. In this article we only talk about what is most profitable to mine here and now.

The list of coins listed above is far from complete, and we suggest that you look through the list of parameters that should be analyzed in order to independently analyze any coin that is of interest to you.

Rate to the US dollar. The higher the asset value is, the more interesting it is for mining.

– Increased volatility. You should not count on a coin, which can fluctuate by 20-40% within one trading day.

– Liquidity. The profit of extracting an asset is determined by the demand on it.

– Total capitalization. Each coin belongs to a certain company that can potentially fail. The higher the company’s capitalization is, the less likely the project is to fail.

– The complexity of the network. The more participants are engaged in mining, the less the amount of profit is received by one miner.

2. What coin is best to invest into in 2018?

There is no clear answer to the question of what coins are best to invest into in 2018. It is necessary to properly understand the industry in order to succeed in the investment field. There are many strategies for earning on cryptocurrencies, which can give a profit at different stages of the market. Let’s suppose, the market is dominated by a downtrend, the total capitalization has decreased by approximately 75%. But there are also little-known coins, which still bring good profits. Therefore, diversification of financial assets is very important.

In general, investments in cryptocurrencies are a long-term asset, which may lead to multiplication of capital, but only in a long period of time. Of course, there are drastic jumps in rate, during which it is best to fix a part of your profits.

If we talk about the best cryptocurrency for investment in 2018, we should consider promising platform solutions that have not yet revealed their full potential, such as Waves, Cardano, Dash, etc. At this point in time, (while the “best-rated” cryptocurrencies are decreasing), it is very profitable to purchase these assets and leave them be until better times. The abovementioned coins have all the prerequisites to grow tens and even hundreds of times, but only in one or two years.

You should not spend all your money to buy coins that have not yet been promoted, chances are that the development teams’ plans will stay only in their Whitepaper. If you are interested in the advice of our editorial staff, we believe that the total share of such (perspective in future) assets in the investment portfolio should not exceed 10%.

Also, do not forget about the favorites (BTC, ETH), that have every chance to reach their peak values ​​by the end of this year. Let’s just say that if the whole market goes up, then there is not a single fundamental or mathematical reason why coins will not show a new historical maximum.

3. Conclusion

The cryptocurrency industry is rather changeable and unstable due to its young age. On the one hand, it is not very inspiring, but on the other, it allows you to earn huge amounts of money.

The process of mining is also unstable and requires a constant reorientation to obtain the maximum profit. Such a concept as “the best cryptocurrency” does not exist, since all of them perform different functions and can give different results. The best option for an investor is a competent diversification of financial assets, constant monitoring of the news background, timely rebalancing of the investment portfolio and profit-taking.

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