What Awaits PlayStation 4 in the Near Future?

PlayStation 4 by Sony went on sale in late 2013. It grew impetuously in popularity among console lovers that even high price at the start of the sales didn’t hamper the success. It has been more than 5 years since PS4 was released and presently the game console’s technical data is considered to be old-fashioned which gamers and game developers are dissatisfied with.

That is why the day will come soon when many people give up the console as it was with other consoles by Sony. The head of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera assumes that the game console PlayStation4 will become unfashionable by the spring of 2021. Since then no updates and patches for PS4 will be released and release of all games can be finished. This is a necessary step towards increase in a future console sales.

In early spring of 2021, the console PS5 will enter the market, thereby there won’t be any necessity in old Sony PlayStation 4. Nevertheless, everyone who owns it will be able to play multiuser games for at least a few years because all of the PSN services continue to function without any restraints which is a great advantage.

Meanwhile new games for the console are going to be actively developed. They are now at the final stage of development and are going to be one of the last games released for PS4. The truth is that PS4 will have demand till 2021 and then will go out of production and new games are unlikely to be released. That is why all the users have at least 18 months to use this console until it is acknowledged to be an outdated model.

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