Vitalik Buterin Reacted to the Statement that Ethereum Would Soon Collapse

Vitalik Buterin reacted to the article of Bitcoin Core developer who harshly criticized Ethereum

The founder of Ethereum has become the buzzword of the crypto community. There are numerous news about him involving scam-bots, fake accounts or different disputes. This time is no exception to the rule.

The developer of Bitcoin Core, Jeremy Rubin, posted an article in which he conducted a thorough analysis of the world’s #2 digital coin. After all, he concluded that Ethereum had no future due to a variety of major issues, like insufficient scalability or powerful competitors.

Also, Rubin was sure that the value of Ethereum would soon drop, because decentralized apps would soon start seeking new ways of creating their platforms, avoiding Ethereum blockchain protocol.

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Is The Coin Ethereum Doomed to Become Worthless?

Vitalik Buterin could not stand the offence and replied to the author of the article in a Reddit post. He wrote a huge message defending Ethereum and stating that its prospects are still quite promising.

According to Buterin, the Ethereum abstraction, mentioned in the article, will not be global enough to affect the Ethereum network  severely.

Economic abstraction can still happen at the user level; users could pay in spankchain tokens, but the block proposers would still need to cough up ETH.” – he said.

Buterin also claimed that ETH has all the chances to thrive in the future if it keeps developing, improving and evolving.

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