Viber Does Not Fall behind Telegram and Is Going to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

According to information from the edition Т it became known that the owner of Viber and the CEO of Rakuten Hiroshi Mikitani announced the creation of his own version of cryptocurrency, which, according to the idea of ​​the creator, should reduce the commission for currency exchange, increase the number of international transactions and expand the retail network and wholesale.

Rakuten Coin has been fixed as the name. According to Mikitani, the cryptocurrency will be based on blockchain, and the number of tokens will be unlimited. Mikitani hopes that his offspring will become a trans-border payment method.

Regarding the release date, nothing is known yet, it is also unknown whether there are any developments, but the press leaked information that Rakuten is looking for partners who could issue cryptocurrency.

According to analysts, Viber seeks to create its own cryptocurrency primarily in order to keep up with its competitors, for example, the messenger Telegram, which recently announced the launch of its version of cryptocurrency, and has already collected more than $3.8 billion in ICO for the development and support of blockchain.

Although Rakuten hopes to catch up with Telegram, still if the company does not have any developments, Viber will fall behind the competitor for at least 6 months or even more.  According to experts, such plans of the messenger indicate that they are going to develop their payment systems and thus move to a transboundary level.

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