Very Soon, Scientists Will Unveil the First Real Photo of a Black Hole

Scientists are preparing to show the first ever photo of a supermassive black hole that is in the center of our galaxy – the Milky Way. Back in 2017, the researchers launched a mission that was supposed to take photos of the event horizon near the black hole.

For 10 days, scientists watched the constellation Sagittarius A, which is located in the center of our galaxy. To make this the researchers had to unite almost all the most powerful telescopes on Earth into a single network. For all the time of observation, the team managed to collect a huge amount of data – more than one Petabyte (1 000 000 Gigabytes). All these data were transferred to two research organizations:

  • Haystack Observatory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology;
  • Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Germany.

There, information was processed exclusively with the help of supercomputers.

Just recently, it became known that scientists are preparing to present the result of their research to the world. It is worth noting that they have not yet shared detailed information on this issue. At the moment it is known that the upcoming press conference will be simultaneously held in Chile, Japan, the USA, Spain, China, Taiwan, and Belgium.

If the researchers of this mission really have a real photo of a black hole, then this will allow to study its nature better, as well as additionally check the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

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