Verge Cryptocurrency: Review, Exchange Rate and Forecasts for 2018

Investors have completely different cryptocurrency preferences, however, not all cryptocurrencies are attractive in their eyes. This does not apply to the digital currency Verge, which has become a significant source of investments in 2018. Therefore, it is worth considering all the faces of Verge to understand the secret of its success.

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  1. History of Creation
  2. Verge: Rate Graph (XVG / USD)
  3. Forecast and Outlook for 2018
  4. Hard Fork of Verge
  5. XVG Mining
  6. Conclusion

1. History of Creation

Initially, Verge cryptocurrency had a different name. It used to be DogeCoinDark, which was launched in 2014. At that time, nobody knew about the creators, as they were young developers on the cryptocurrency market. Other developers were involved through the GitHub service. The team consisted of young promising programmers, who supported the main concept of Verge – ensuring the confidentiality and safety of users.

The DogeCoinDark platform was launched without ICO. The developers invested their own funds in the development of the idea, which quickly paid off to them due to the mining of the first coins.

In 2016, the cryptocurrency was renamed to Verge, then many people began to talk about the advantages of this cryptocurrency, namely:

  • fixed emissions;
  • full anonymity of transactions;
  • high speed of operation;
  • convenient mining.

2. Verge: Rate Graph (XVG / USD)

According to the graph, one can clearly see that the cryptocurrency has developed very slowly over the course of 3 years. In April 2017, the state of price, which had been only $0.000006 until that time, came back to life. The capitalization of the currency was raised by the developers at their own expense, after which Verge entered such popular exchanges as Bittrex and Binance.

The November of 2017 brought a small victory for Verge, as its market capitalization exceeded $600. The historical maximum was reached in December, when the digital coin was sold at a price of $0.15 per coin.

At the time of writing the article (6/8/18), the XVG/USD rate was $0.037.

The rate of Verge from the 26th of October, 2014 to the 8th of June, 2018 according to CoinMarketCap

3. Forecast and Outlook for 2018

The news about the prospects of Verge in 2018 are considered quite popular. Many experts do not take into account the slow development of Verge, but on the contrary note other, more positive points, namely:

  • a long history;
  • absolute anonymity;
  • decentralization and independence;
  • more than 80 services support this digital coin;
  • an impressive road map.

5 of these factors are the reason investors are interested in the XVG.

It is expected that Verge will soon enter the active phase, after that the price will begin rising. By the end of 2018, the cost of one XVG token will be approximately $2.5.

4. Hard Fork of Verge

Verge had a hard fork on the 8th of April. The developers conducted it after the platform had been hacked in order to eliminate the vulnerability. After a cardinal update, the cost of the XVG tokens increased sharply.

5. XVG Mining

Fortunately for miners, obtaining the XVG does not require expensive equipment. An optimal choice will be ASIC-mining. Also, the miners recommend extracting Verge cryptocurrency with Lyra2REv2 algorithm, since it is acceptable to use such video cards as NVIDIA, Radeon and GeForce, even new models.

Do not even try to search for the software for mining XVG, because it does not exist. However, you can try to choose a program for the video card. For example, if you use an NVIDIA graphics card, then CCminer v.2.2.2 is suitable.

6. Conclusion

This cryptocurrency is well suited for long- and medium-term investments. A full training with XVG will not work, as the cost of cryptocurrency fluctuates only within a few cents. This will be a pointless thing to do.

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