Uber Co-Founder Open Up No-Fee Crypto Exchange

crypto exchange

There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, which offer their users platforms for selling and buying tokens, and a new one is yet to come.

Voyager is a blockchain startup founded by Oscar Salazar and Philip Eytan. They are an Uber co-founder and one of the earliest investors respectively. On Wednesday, Voyager has announced its plans on launching a new crypto trading. The users will be able to trade 15 best cryptocurrencies, listed in top 25 on CoinMarketCap, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum,etc.and what is important that it is no-fee, the users don`t need to pay any commission charges.

Fortune says, Stephen Ehrlich, CEO of the Voyager, claimed that the company wants to build a router with the smart order so that it can win the market and offer its users non-commission service.

The startup is still in a beta testing phase, that is why the mobile trading app is planned to launch in the last quarter of 2018. The pre-launch registration is already opened for the citizens of 5 states. They are New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California, Montana, and Missouri. Other functions of the mobile app may include additional functionality for hedge funds and other institutional investors, analysis features and cryptocurrency news.

Voyager`s biggest opponent is Robinhood exchange as it also provides non-commission service for trades and currently the exchange dominate in no-fee crypto trading. Voyager will also fight with Coinbase’s GDAX exchange for the leadership in this field.

We would like to remind you that in March Uber was going to launch its own free token.

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