Two Australian Meteorological Office Employees Were Illegally Mining Cryptocurrency

In Australia two employees decided to earn extra money without leaving the workplace. So two IT specialists working in the meteorological bureau decided to use the company’s computers to mine cryptocurrency.

The suspects were interrogated by the Australian Federal Police. Although the very fact of mining is not banned in Australia, yet the use of company equipment and electricity which the company pays for is illegal.

Chris Berg from RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub stated:

“One possibility is that they’re trying to use some of the equipment that the Bureau of Meteorology have. The Bureau of Meteorology has some very fast computers. Another possibility, though, is that they’re just trying to get the Bureau of Meteorology to pay for the electricity. Mining is a very electricity-intensive task and they probably didn’t want to pay for it themselves”.

It is known that one employee was sent on early leave after an interrogation, the charges have not been pressed yet. As for the comments from the representatives of the bureau and AFP, they just keep silent and do not report any information.

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