Twitter “Revived” Retweets with the Help of GIF Files, Photos and Videos

Since May 6, the social network has added a new option that allows using GIF images, photos, and videos in retweets. Up to this point, only text could be added to reposts.

At the moment, the novelty is available only for mobile devices Android, iOS. To take advantage of its benefits, users need to update the mobile application to the latest version.

The most exciting part of this project was that we were working on a feature that many people asked for. We’re very excited to launch this feature across Twitter, and we can’t wait to see it being used by all of you. official Twitter account says.

The company promised to release another update in the near future, that will make media retweets “more interactive and easier to read”.

Recently Twitter announced the launch of a feature that will allow users to hide replies to tweets, thus filtering offensive or irrelevant content in correspondence.

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Twitter: Hide Replies To Your Tweets If They Are Unreasonable

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