Twitter: Hide Replies To Your Tweets If They Are Unreasonable

Twitter is one of the most influential social network in the world, only one tweet can ruin your reputation or even become the reason to get fired, thus, you have to be careful with what you write. Yet, sometimes even if you wrote an innocent tweet, a very hot discussion may take place, which will bring discomfort for you and your followers.

Twitter has already considered this matter and decided to implement a new feature – hide the replies to the tweets. As a software expert, Jane Manchun Wong, noticed such feature will bring a positive change in controlling the conversation. One cannot hide the replies permanently, however, it will make more difficult to see the start of the original conversation which was followed by toxic replies.

A representative of Twitter, Michelle Yasmeen Haq, openly shared her thoughts about this feature:

“People who start interesting conversations on Twitter are really important to us, and we want to empower them to make the conversations they start as healthy as possible by giving them some control.”

She also stated that there are features like “Mute” or “Block” the user, however, they do not address the problem. She said:

Block and mute only change the experience of the blocker, and report only works for the content that violates our policies.”

You can find “Hide Tweet” if you tap the “Share” icon on Twitter. Other users will have to click through to see the replies, not seeing them automatically. You can see the example below.

Source: CoderWall

As everything in the world, such feature also has its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, you can hide inappropriate comments or remarks about you or anything related to your conversation, yet, what if powerful people, like politicians, for instance, hide something toxic for them, but very important for public. How will they be accountable for this? Thus, it is still not clear whether such a feature brings positive effect or a negative one.

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