Twitter Finally Adds Hide Replies Function to Avoid “Toxic Discussions”

Twitter has already tested the new function in Canada and now introduced it for the US and Japan. A new option will allow users to hide comments in discussions.

Previously, users could only block other users or hide alerts for certain words that they did not want to read, but they did not have the ability to manage the discussion.

Now those who started the discussion can decide which comments will remain and which will not. Just click on the tweet menu, and along with “Hide”, “Mute” and “Follow” buttons, you find “Hide comment”. Users will not see a hidden comment until they click on a special icon that shows all hidden answers.

We wrote about testing this feature several months ago. Then the top manager of Twitter Michelle Yasmeen wrote that the ability to hide comments can be a new moderation method and save users from blocking other`s accounts. She believes that this approach is a balance between the interests of the author of the tweet and the audience.

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