Tron’s 4th of July: The Mainnet Is Finally Live

tron mainnet

These days if someone mentions the word “mainnet”, most people will think of the word “that must not be named”. Surprisingly, today we will not talk about EOS, this is a prime time for Tron cryptocurrency.

Tron, which is #11 in the cryptocurrency rating accodring to the volume of capitalization, has become independent by launching to its own mainnet and switching to its own blockchain. The pilot version of the network first launched in May, and on the 25th of June it was officially activated marking this date as an “Independence Day” for the coin.

The mainnet is maintained by a committee called the Tron Independent Group, consisting of 27 people.Such a structure reminds a group of block producers in the network of EOS.

According to the official post of Tron, the responsibilities of the Group will include the following:

  • providing exchange services for major cryptocurrency exchanges
  • protect the network and monitor its operations
  • conducting livestreams
  • communicating with the users and organizing giveaways of tokens
  • etc.

Tron cryptocurrency is coming hard at its main competitor – Ethereum. If the mainnet of Tron operates flawlessly, it will give the representatives of Ethereum reasons to worry. Tron developers actually claim that their transactions are already way faster than those of the world’s #2 cryptocurrency.

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