Trade Commission of Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex Will Fall in Price on the 15th of May

Загружен для Trade Commission of Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex

The popular American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex made an announcement about the reduction of commission for traders and a number of changes in the process of their calculation. This will happen on the 15th of May.

Now the commission will be calculated based on the results of a 30-day trading, which will be calculated in US dollars, not in digital currency Bitcoin. The site will provide a new calculation, which will be characterized by stability and rationality. It will depend on the volume of trades carried out by a specific trader.

Also, commission deductions will be reduced in general. Thus, the commission of the receiver (taker fee) will be 0.2%, and for the maker (maker fee) will be 0.1%.

A scale of the sizes of these commission deductions, which depend on the average monthly volume of trades is provided below:

Poloniex announced a reduction in the threshold, which affects the receipt of discounts. This will provide zero-commission for the makers with a 30-day trading volume, the total amount of which is $ 7.5 million, while the takers will receive a commission of 0.1, subject to a three-day bargain, which is $30 million.

We would like to remind you that a previously known Bitcoin startup Circle made a statement about the acquisition of Poloniex, which saved the exchange from persecution by the SEC.

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