TOP 5 Websites to Check Crypto Rates

While everyone was sleeping bitcoin rate could have changed significantly, so it would be better to check it in the morning. But what online resource to use? Today The Coin Shark will tell about five platforms to monitor the information on virtual assets.

1. CoinMarketCap

According to Amazon’s subsidiary – Alexa, coinmarketcap is among TOP 50 most visited websites in the world as of early 2018. Many media (including The Coin Shark) as well as individuals often refer to this resource and you may have noticed “according to С, …” many times.

The service lists more than 1500 coins and tokens and provides rating based on their market capitalization. There’s also the information about cryptocurrencies rates, daily trading volume, total supply, circulating supply, etc.

It is also possible to get a rate chart of a particular virtual currency, find project’s official web site and other information by clicking on a particular coin in the list. СoinMarketCap is indeed one of the most popular resources to monitor how the cryptocurrency market is doing. It has user-friendly interface and is rather informative. However, the service will probably meet expectations of analysts, reporters and experts rather than cryptocurrency traders. СoinMarketCap shows an average data that of course differs from the rates of virtual currencies at particular trading platforms.  

2. Coin360

Coin360 was created by a popular crypto-related media Cointelegraph. The service illustrates market capitalization and rate of virtual currencies in one big box chart (a kind of mosaic with blocks of different size). The bigger share of the market a particular currency has, the bigger is its box in the chart.

If rates decrease, a box goes red, if a cryptocurrency is doing better, its box turns green and if nothing changes it remains grey.

If you want to get more information just click on a box and a window with rate chart, trading volume, market capitalization and cryptocurrency’s protocol will appear. Users can also set this “mosaic” however they like, adding particular coins and kicking them out.

3. CryptoCompare

This is not just a tracker of cryptocurrency market conditions but a huge crypto-related platform. Not only cryptostatistics is published there but also different news, articles and other materials. There’s also a forum for cryptocommunity to communicate and share information.

The website includes special sections for investors, traders, miners and casual users interested in cryptocurrency. In addition, CryptoCompare also provides ratings and reviews on different cryptoexchanges, mining equipment, wallets and startups.

4. СoinСheckup

This resource is also multifunctional. Apart from main data about coins it also allows to check estimated rates, profitability of a particular cryptocurrency since it has been launched and much more.

The website actually provides rather sound and extended cryptocurrency market analysis, and thus would probably be more interesting for experienced market players than other popular but less informative resources.

5. Live Coin Watch

This resource is another example of a platform that does not shows just some main market features of cryptocurrency. LCW is actually quite similar to CoinMarketCap, however, users would enjoy its broad functionality. This new project was launched in 2017 and is gaining popularity rather quickly.

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