TOP-5 Most Promising Cryptocurrencies In 2018

Cryptocurrency investments have already become as popular as other traditional investment instruments. The Coin Shark created its own top-list of the most promising digital currencies. They are not as famous as, for instance Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, however they are rather affordable for a wide range of investors and are promising enough which means they have interesting development prospects.


Today NEO takes 11th place in Bitinfocharts rating with the cost of $65,22 for a coin. It is important to mention that this cryptocurrency is often called a “Chinese Ethereum”. Why is it so? First of all, NEO includes all Ethereum functions. Besides, NERO actually works the same way as Ethereum.

The digital currency uses similar smart contracts, however, developers do not have to learn a special programming language to create these contracts. NEO scales and, according to the developers, is ready to process millions of transaction per second without any problems. In the future blocks will be generated in one second. By contrast, one block of Bitcoin blockchain is generated approximately in ten minutes.


Cryptocurrency called IOTA is extensible, decentralized and has no commision fees. IOTA allows to buy a cup of coffee, refill a tank or purchase a smartphone using a mobile phone. This is actually the main idea of the project – the economy of things or the machine economy. This idea is based on a concept of the Internet of things – computer networks of physical devices, such as smart TVs, fridges, robotic vacuum cleaners and other devices that can intercommunicate without human beings. Tangle technology, the basis of IOTA, solves the issues of scaling and transaction failures that bitcoin users often experience. It’s interesting that the more users are there in the network the higher is a transaction speed.

3. Monero (XMR)

Monero is a cryptocurrency, that provides user data security using the CryptoNote protocol. It is possible to bring Monero into line with such coins as Dash, and LibertyCoin – they all struggle for maximum anonymity of transactions.

CryptoNote is a unique code and is not a fork of Bitcoin. However, Monero`s level of anonymity of is sometimes argued, thus, Edward Snowden called it an “amateur cryptocurrency”. Anuway, XMR entered the top ten cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization in 2017. Since the beginning of the year its rate has already increased from $ 12 to $ 400 for a coin.

2.Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The developers have made another attempt to save Ethereum blockchain without any significant changes. Ethereum Classic was developing quite slowly – the most important step for the cryptocurrency was trading at Poloniex. This allowed to attract really serious attention to this young project. Like other cryptocurrencies Ethereum Classic is also tied to Bitcoin rate.

Leading specialists in this segment believe that this coin is extremely promising. Yet it has been staying in the background, but systematic development will probably allow Ethereum Classic to show what`s what very soon.

1. Ripple (XRP)

According to Bitinfocharts, this cryptocurrency is currently a runner up and takes the second plays right after Bitcoin. Ripple is a distributed network so transactions are processed immediately throughout the whole network. It is also a peer-to-peer network so it is not subject to system risks. Unlike bitcoin and its analogues, Ripple does not provide mining and each transaction “destroys” a small number of XRP. This prevents the system from overexpansion. Nevertheless, the сryptocurrency is steadily increasing.

XRP is one of the digital coin market leaders. The price of this coin does not depend on rumors and speculations so much comparing to the rates of its more popular fellow-currencies.

Today about 50% of all XRP transactions are made in South Korea as  Bithumb and Coinone exchanges where Ripple coins are actively traded are located there.

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