Top-10 Reasons to Buy YOU Tokens

For those unfamiliar with the project, SELFLLERY is a social media platform for visual content monetization. It bears some resemblance to Instagram, but with one big difference: you get tokens for likes on your photos. That’s pretty interesting, and in this article I wanna show you the top 10 reasons to buy their tokens.

  1. This platform could become a serious rival to other social networks, like Instagram or Tumblr. If you had an opportunity to buy Facebook stocks 10 years ago, knowing how much do they cost now, would you hesitate? To us it looks like we’re dealing with the same instance.

  2. It is widely observed that tokens of popular projects become more and more valuable over time. With growth and adoption comes the price. 

  3. The idea is pretty good. Take everything that makes all other social networks so attractive and add the reward to the mix. And we get SSELFLLERY as the result. Users will get attracted because everyone loves getting bonuses, and these tokens seem to be a very good bonus for being active on the platform.

  4. Besides it being a good idea you must remember that it’s not so hard to develop everything they are promising. A platform for sharing photos, some smart contracts and advertising modules can’t be considered as groundbreaking technologies, but that’s pretty good in this case. A lot of teams stumble upon really harsh problems when they start actually developing the product, because the reality is different and things that looked good on paper aren’t working the intended way. The only hard thing SELFLLERY has to do to succeed is marketing. And looks like they are good at it.

  5. You can trust the team — they know what they’re doing. Their founder, Mr. Onishchenko owns a similar site for photographers, Photoliga, that is currently the most popular photo sharing site in Israel. Now it looks like he decided to remake it on a bigger scale. The principles are the same, so does what he knows best. He is a well-respected photographer and definitely wants to make a good project, judging by his Medium blog. So it could be a safe bet to participate in this project, buying YOU tokens.

  6. Even if you don’t like crypto you would like to buy some tokens to get some goods cheap. If we read their roadmap, we’ll see there’s gonna be a marketplace. A marketplace means you could buy various photo goods and accessories. That’s where you’ll find a good use for your tokens.

  7. Every time when we see a company or service dominating some area, suddenly appears  a new company or service that is much better and attractive. Three quick examples: Nokia, Kodak, Yahoo. They had an undisputed dominance and were literally wiped out by new rivals. It’s time for Instagram to lose its dominance, because it’s been around for so long, and SELFLLERY can definitely gain its users with their ideas.

  8. Blockchain is coming to many areas, and while SELFLLERY isn’t entirely blockchain-based it has it perks of being in this new economy, it lets you feel like you are a part of it. And it’s gonna bring a lot of new people to blockchain. First of all, they’re gonna be interested in tokens they receive, then they gonna try to understand how could they convert it into fiat, and understand how the system works.

  9. The advertising platform. A very promising part of Selfllery. If you own any small or large business, you would be happy to get a new marketing channel. Even if you’re not a business owner, just be aware that most social networks generate revenue from selling ads, and the only way to buy ads on SELFLLERY is to buy tokens. If the platform gets many advertisers they would need YOU tokens all the time, and it could drive the price up. It’s a good idea to buy tokens before the advertising module will be launched.

  10. You can help a lot of people by participating in charity. If all the above mentioned reasons aren’t enough for you, maybe you’ll be interested in doing good deeds. Every month SELFLLERY donates a part of their income to various charity funds, so if you own any amount of tokens in circulation, you help popularize the platform, their profit rises and they send more to charity. Looks like a good reason to buy yourself a few.

These are my reasons why we consider this project a promising one. Definitely it’s better than many others on the market, has a solid team and achievable goals, it has an MVP with thousands users already, so it could be worth to buy YOU tokens (as they are conducting a main sale till 26th of March 2018) and wait a few months to see how it’s gonna perform.

SELFLLERY Video-Tutorial: How to buy YOU tokens?

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