Top 10 Professions of the Future, Which Will Be in Demand in the Next 10 Years

Nowadays, technological progress is moving at such a pace that literally every year new professions appear and old ones disappear. Many people need to think about tomorrow already now. As known, the best investment of money and time is an investment in oneself, in own knowledge and skills. This is a rather actual topic, so in today’s article, we decided to talk about the ten popular professions of the future that can be learned and which will become relevant in the near future.

1. VR/AR Architect

This profession will certainly be very popular, as the industry of virtual and augmented reality is developing with great speed. If you want to advance to take your “place in the sun”, then you need to start learning this craft right now. It is worth noting that the architectural design of VR/AR reality requires a thorough knowledge of programming, so you can’t call this profession simple. The main task of such an architect will be the creation and management of the virtual world in all its details.

The VR/AR technology industry has already spread to a huge number of areas: education, construction, medicine, design and much more. Experts predict a great future for this profession.

2. Personal Security Designer

In the near future, there will be specialists who will be able to assess the likelihood of certain risks that may accompany us all throughout life: genetic diseases, the probability of an accident, etc. After all, it is known that the best treatment for any disease is prevention.

3. Neural Interface Designer

The best minds of the planet are now working on the creation of neurocomputer interfaces – systems that are able to recognize and process the electrical signals of the brain. Such people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg (each separately) are now engaged in the development of such systems, so it is most likely, that neurocomputer interfaces will very soon become as available as iPhone today.

Specialists in this field should have a deep understanding of many areas, but the most important are: neurosurgery, biology, IT and physics. Neurointerface designers must completely change the way we interact with electronics. In the future, in order to turn on the kettle, you will not need to go to it or even enter the mobile application, you can simply do it with the power of thought. It sounds quite futuristic, but similar technologies are already on the market.

4. Bioethics

In other words, it is a consultant who provides his services to various medical centers. He should set the framework for the activities of bioengineers who are engaged in cloning or any other intervention in the genetic code. In addition, bioethics should evaluate the professional behavior of health experts in general.

5. Aeronautical Infrastructure Designer

This specialist is engaged in the development of various aircraft (drones, airships, etc.). Potentially, this direction can change the logistics industry. The fact is that there are a huge number of places on the planet where it is very difficult to get by land, and the innovative aeronautical infrastructure should solve this problem. This profession is already in demand in the market since there are a large number of startups that work in this direction now.

6. Space Tourism Manager

It is not a secret to anyone that in the 20s of the XXI century space will become available not only for astronauts but also for civilians. So in the near future, this area will need a specialist such as a manager. People in this profession will develop space travel programs, be responsible for space attractions objects, etc.

7. Media Police

This profession has existed for a long time, but this area will need a greater number of specialists in the future. The fact is that every year the number of cyber crimes and hacker attacks only grows, so this area needs people who will be responsible for security in the online space.

8. Mind-fitness trainer

This specialist is responsible for teaching people to think and develop their cognitive skills. Now mind-fitness is spread only in children’s developmental centers. But, unfortunately, such services are not yet available for adults, so this gap is likely to be filled soon, and the new profession will appear on the market.

9. Trend watcher

It is worth noting that this profession has long been in demand in the market. A trend watcher should be able to deeply understand a particular industry and predict its development in the long term. These specialists can work in almost any field because many companies want to know what will happen to their business in 10-20 years. Also, start-ups that are just starting their way into business need trend watchers. Today the most popular trends that these specialists work with are blockchain, AI, cybersport, Fintech.

10. Architect of energy-independent houses

Saving energy and mass transition to renewable energy sources are the key tasks of humanity in the 21st century. Therefore, the design and construction of energy-independent houses is a very promising area of activity. Already now such projects are being successfully implemented in China, Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia. For example, the building of the Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies in Ningbo is 100% powered by solar panels. It should be remarked that there are quite a lot of similar examples, so experts in this field will definitely not remain without work in the next 100 years.


The world is changing very rapidly, so if you always want to remain in demand in the labor market, then you need to constantly evolve and learn something new. In the near future, a lot of people will be left without work because of artificial intelligence and automation systems. But on the other hand, for the same reason, a huge number of new professions will appear on the market, which need to be learned already today.

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