Tom Lee Believes that Bitcoin Will Reach $20 Thousand This Year

tom lee believes btc will cost 20k

As we reported earlier, the forecasts of Tom Lee for BTC for this year ranged between 20 and 25 thousand dollars, however, he chose words very wisely not to give any specific figures and promises. As it became obvious from his recent interview with CNBC, Tom Lee still thinks so, but this time he added some important details.

Though there is obviously no correlation between BTC and major financial markets as well as conventional assets, there is clearly a connection between the movements of emerging markets and BTC, sine they “both really essentially peaked early this year, and they both have been in a downward trend”.

Tom Lee is sure that the recovery of emerging markets is definitely going to boost up the value of the world’s first digital coin.

I still think it’s possible. Bitcoin could end the year explosively higher,” he said.

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