Today’s Graph of Bitcoin Exchange Rate

bitcoin rate

Definition of Bitcoin

Bitcoin refers to a decentralized digital currency which you can use to pay for goods and services on the network or transfer it to fiat funds. The issuance of Bitcoin is not regulated and can not be controlled by banking institutions or other supervisory authorities of payment systems. This cryptocurrency is characterized by security and transparency, which is ensured by the blockchain technology which it is based on.

Bitcoin differs from fiat money in the fact that it does not depend on the administrative regulation of country rulers and is not material.

Bitcoin Rate and Graph

The rate of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, helps to monitor the situation on the market. Information that is extracted by experts from curved graphs is used for research, which becomes the basis for future predictions. This ensures the success of trading, gives guarantees or shows a complete picture of individual institutions of the cryptocurrency industry.

Bitcoin/USD Rate Online

Bitcoin has never been characterized by stability. At the time of writing of the article (the 4th of June, 2013, 2:16 pm, EET), the Bitcoin/dollar rate was $7617. Exactly one month ago (4th of May, 2018) the Bitcoin rate pleased its holders with an insignificant but important victory – it passed the price point of $9000. Its exact cost was $9995 per coin. The graph of the Bitcoin to dollar exchange rate is provided in accordance with the resource CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin/EUR Rate

Bitcoin holders who prefer to buy tokens in euros currently have to pay €6473 for one coin. Bitcoin/Euro exchange rate is also decreasing. Data is taken in accordance with the information resource

Bitcoin/JPY Rate

Despite the attempts of the Japanese authorities to equate Bitcoin to a gambling currency, it still enjoys a high demand in the country’s cryptocurrency market and is also legalized on its territory. In Japan, Bitcoin was repeatedly regulated by various bills, which proved to be either ineffective or completely useless during the application. However, the current Bitcoin to yen rate will not seem very promising for Bitcoin holders, it is ¥826 per coin.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world. Despite the fact that it is the leader among all the existing cryptocurrencies, its state is changeable – it drops drastically, then skyrockets. In general, Bitcoin is difficult to call a stable currency. The fluctuations of its rate depend on its demand and supply.

We want to point out that Bitcoin has a limited emission, which the dynamics of the Bitcoin exchange rate also depends on.

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