The Wall Street Sharks Will Attract Flows of Capital to the Cryptocurrency Industry

wall street

The cryptocurrency expert Charles Hoskinson who had a hand in creating Cardano cryptocurrency, Ethereum and multiple digital currency projects claims that the main financial district of the US will positively affect the situation on the cryptocurrency market.

Frankly speaking, such a statement might seem a bit too far-fetched, since the Wall Street representatives were not so supportive of virtual currencies not so long ago. For example, its main analyst Nick Colas even advised the potential investors to avoid the world’s #1 cryptocurrency.

However, the situation is currently changing for the better. The cooperation between digital currency world and Wall Street is long-awaited and supported by a lot of financial specialists. The Wall Street executives believe that cryptocurrencies occupy an important part in the financial system and can no longer be ignored.

Even the “Crypto King of Wall Street” Bart Smith claims that as soon as the market is properly regulated, it can start receiving capital from institutional investors.

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