The US Army Will Use AI To Monitor The Border

The US Army Will Use AI To Monitor The Border

It became known that the new startup Palmer Luckey, founded by Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey, has signed a contract with the United States Marine Corps for $13.5 million. Palmer Luckey specializes in intelligent surveillance systems, its equipment will be installed at four marine bases (two in Japan, one in Hawaii and one on the border with Mexico in Yuma, Arizona). With the help of Palmer Luckey, an autonomous surveillance counter-intrusion capabilities” will work on US naval bases.

This contract was officially signed quite recently, namely on July 15, 2019. The Palmer Luckey technology includes the Anduril Lattice platform, which can detect human silhouettes using artificial intelligence, as well as Lattice guard towers, equipped with a huge number of supersensitive sensors. According to the contract, the equipment will be installed and fully engaged by September 20 and will work for a year with the possibility of extension.

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