The Trading Terminal Superorder Is Launching Its Beta Version: New Possibilities for Traders

Crypto trading has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. With the increase of the demand, the supply also goes up: new digital assets come out and, obviously, new places emerge where these assets can be traded and exchanged.

Currently, there are dozens, if not hundreds of various platforms that offer crypto trading services. But there is always a catch. Some trading platforms are too hard to comprehend and have an atrocious interface, others have ridiculous limitations as of trading, most of them charge quite high commission fees for each transaction.

It is very difficult to find a place to buy or sell assets, where you can actually understand how to proceed and where there is a chance of making some profit. Sometimes, it will take ages to find a suitable one. Such platforms are truly rare, and today we will speak about one of them.

Superorder is not just a regular cryptocurrency exchange. It is a trading terminal. Technologies move forward, and people should too. Most sophisticated crypto traders now switch on to trading terminals, because it’s faster, easier and more convenient.

Superorder lets you trade on multiple exchange of your choice at one place. It has a user-friendly interface, it is secure and the orders can be placed much quicker than at a regular crypto exchange.

Unlike other trading platforms with their only options of Limit and Stop orders, Superorder provided for a feature of advanced orders where all the logic is taken care of at the servers, as well as the feature of cross-exchange orders.

We could not miss out the Strategy Builder, a feature which allows you to create your own custom strategy using a drag-and-drop editor in order to put actions or smaller strategies into the sequence as you please. For instance, you can create a strategy where all your assets are sold as soon as BTC hits a particular price point, or make set of order that follow one another (a ping-pong strategy).

Moreover, Superorder creates personalized strategies for any cryptocurrency. Also, using the Portfolio Tracker feature, you will be able to see your balance on each exchange that you traded at.

The other unique and useful features include Trailing Sell & Buy (an advanced type of order that allows traders to purchase and sell their coin at the most profitable price, regardless of the level of volatility), Limit Sell & Buy, Market Sell & Buy (the orders can be placed at the market price or at a specific price), Wait for Rate (this feature allows the user to set a specific price or any other condition which needs to be considered by the system when conducting transactions), Rate Change (it is directly connected to the orders which are already placed and collects the data on these orders for the following ones), tradingview charts, extended chart timeframes.

At the beginning, the partner exchanges of the project are going to be the following ones: Bittrex, Binance, and Coinbase, then KuCoin, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and Bitmex.

Superorder services with 1 strategy are free of charge, but you can always upgrade to a Pro Plan which costs $15.90 a month. The first 2 weeks are free as a trial period.

The terminal released its beta version. All the newcomers willing to participate will get 2 months free from the Superorder team. Trading terminals are truly the new generation of cryptocurrency trading, and those who join in will experience all of its benefits themselves.

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