The Tesla Model 3 Electric Car was Radically Transformed into a Sports Car

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 applied to the Ferrada design bureau to turn his 2018 electric car into a low ground sports car. This was reported by Car Scoops, which made the final review of the car after tuning. Video demonstration of the result of the designers’ work was posted on YouTube.

Source: Car Scoops

The electric car received brand 20-inch FR7 alloy wheels painted in silver, which are completely hidden under the wheel arches, and an adjustable dynamic air suspension. The ground clearance of the electric car was reduced so much that the authors of the review called it “sweeping leaves”, speaking ironically about the millimeter clearance.

Designers also updated the exterior geometry of the electric car, thanks to the front and rear body kits, and repainted the hood in black.

The authors of the review also doubted whether the updated features would benefit the racing characteristics of the car, but praised the initiative of the designers.

It is worth remarking that despite the huge front sticker with Toyo tires, Lionhart tires are installed in the car.

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