The Scammers Stole Cryptocurrencies for $6.3 million in Japan in 2017

Last year the hackers, whose identity has not been established yet, stole cryptocurrencies in the amount of 662.4 million yen ($6.3 million) with the help of computer hacking.

The main police department of the country first published such statistics.

Based on the data, 149 cases of the cryptocurrency theft were recorded last year. It was often a direct breaking into virtual “wallets” using previously stolen login and password.

We would like to remind you that the unsolved abduction of NEM cryptocurrency in the amount of 58 billion yen (about $548 million) from the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck is still the world’s largest criminal action with cryptocurrency. According to the preliminary data, it was carried out last January, not by hacking, but by infecting computers of the exchange employees with a specially developed virus.

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