The Russian Hackers Who Supposedly Interfered with the US Presidential Elections Were Using Bitcoins

hackers used BTC to break into US elections

The American presidential election in 2016 is surrounded by controversies. There is a popular opinion that the victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton was not that honest. One of the most popular theories is that the infamous “Russian hackers” influenced the results of the election.

However, new details of the investigation have just been released, namely, that the hackers were using cryptocurrencies to pay for operations.

According to the official indictment, compiled by the US Department of Justice, 12 representatives of Russian intelligence services have supposedly broken into the accounts of some American politicians involved in the presidential campaign of Clinton.

The hackers chose digital currencies, specifically Bitcoin, for making payments to support their operations, for example, buy servers, domains etc. They made such a decision “to avoid direct relationships with traditional financial institutions”.

The Bitcoins used by hackers were allegedly obtained by mining as well as “through peer-to-peer exchanges, moving funds through other digital currencies, and using pre-paid cards.”

Although, the investigation is still in progress, given the level of the US intelligence, it seems pretty doubtful that anyone could alter the results of the election, and the story with the “Russian hackers” is slowly turning into a legend.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that this news might affect the regulations of cryptocurrency in the US created by the SEC.

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