The Person Who Stole Almost $2 Million in Ethereum Will Spend 10 Years in Prison

a man stole 2 million in crypto

According to New York Post report, the court of New York reached a verdict for a man accused of kidnapping and money theft. The criminal will spend 10 years in prison and will be under inspection for 5 years after being released.

Louis Mega managed to perform one of the most outrageous crimes in the history of crypto. Back in 2017, Mega and three of his partners in crime kidnapped a person who decided not to have his name mentioned in media. The attackers detained the man, threatened him with a gun and made him give them a flash drive which they used to transfer Ethereum in the amount of 1.8 million USD to their wallets.

Thanks to the excellent work of the police and prosecutors, all the criminals were caught and the money was given back to the victim.

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