The Opposition Leader of Venezuela Fancies Bitcoin Over Petro

As you may have heard, Venezuela is currently going through hardships. A continuous economic crisis led the country to the verge of a real coup d’etat. Juan Guaidó, the leader of the opposition party, has proclaimed himself the new president of Venezuela and swore an oath on the main square of Caracas.

Unlike the actual president Nicolas Maduro, who actively supported and promoted the state cryptocurrency Petro, Juan Guaidó gives preference to Bitcoin.

Back in 2014, he announced on his Twitter the launch of a first ever Bitcoin exchange in Venezuela, called Plataforma Sur Bitcoin. There people can trade BTC for Bolivars, the national currency of the country.  

As for the Venezuelan cryptocurrency Petro, Guaidó has quite a harsh point of view. In the opinion of the interim president, Petro is just a scam and another way to defraud people, which made the financial crisis even worse.

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