The Notorois EOS Blockchain Froze

eos froze

And just when we thought that the blockchain of EOS finally launched and we could leave this topic, new problems arose out of nowhere. It has not been even 2 days after the mainnet launched, but it is currently not working again.

According to an official post:

At 9:56 UTC the EOS Mainnet paused. At 10:01 UTC Block Producers and many Standby Nodes joined together on an international conference call to identify and fix the issue.

The problems were first noticed by the elected block producers on the 16th of June. All the operations on EOS blockchain have been unavailable since that time.

Right now the representatives do not reveal any details, so we are still unaware of what happened and why. However, EOS specialists assure everyone that they are currently working on fixing all the bugs and getting the net back online.

The cause of the “freezing” might actually be due to a hacker attack, but this assumption has not yet been confirmed.

This event was not left unnoticed in terms of trading. According to the portal the CoinMarketCap, the price of EOS token decreased by 3%.

The technicians first promised to fix the blockchain in 3 to 6 hours, but it apparently did not happen, so all we have to now is gather some patience.

We would like to remind you that the launch of EOS blockchain faced some difficulties even before it was officially activated.

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