The Newly Appointed SEC Advisor Wants Cryptocurrency to Flourish

the sec has a new advisor

Even though the cryptocurrency expert John McAfee believes that the Securities and Exchange Commission is going to destroy cryptocurrencies and ICOs, his opinion seems to be utterly wrong. The new senior advisor Valerie Szczepanik set a goal to develop and advance the process of token sales, not slow it down.

Valerie has always been very keen on technologies and innovations, thus, cryptocurrency caught her attention almost immediately after its appearance. This played an important role in her future career and helped her to become one of the most suitable candidates for the post.

According to her, the main problem that arises between the SEC and ICOs is miscommunication. She believes that most entrepreneurs see the Commission as potential danger to their projects and hopes to fix this problem as soon as possible.

In the interview with Bloomberg, Valerie claimed:

We want people to come talk to us. When I’m in meetings with folks, I want them to see me as someone who’s interested in communication and back and forth, and looking to encourage innovation that helps investors and the markets.

The major issues which will be considered by the subdivision headed by Valerie include:

– inspection of token sales;

– determining the status of tokens;

– working on the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund

An interesting fact is that an unknown person wrote the word “ICO” with spray paint on the wall of Valerie’s house a couple of months prior to her promotion.

Hopefully, she will bring all of her plans into life, and the relationship between the SEC and ICO projects will improve.

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