The New Virus Infects Devices Via Chrome and Firefox Browsers

There is an ongoing struggle between the developers of antivirus software and the so-called white developers and hackers. Once they fix one security vulnerability, attackers immediately find a new one. Unfortunately, there is no end to this war, and it became known recently that Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers users faced a new danger. This virus is able to intercept encrypted web traffic.

Malicious software known as Reductor is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that allows hackers to control a victim’s device. An attacker can download and run files on an infected device.

Note, suspicious activity was noticed a few months ago, but it took a long time for Kaspersky Lab analysts to carry out an investigation, so the results were provided only now.

The source of the virus software is currently not found. Possibly, Reductor spread through sites with pirated content and emails, so be careful and regularly check your computer, tablet, and smartphone for viruses.

This vulnerability should be fixed in the near future, but this does not mean a new one will not appear, so be extremely careful on the Internet.

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