The New Boeing Spent 780 Days in Orbit

Many dreams to visit space at least once in life, but only a few make it true at this stage in the development of technology. Scientists and some technology companies have been working hard to provide space tourism services recently, for example, the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world – Boeing, who introduced the first orbital plane. The device is at the testing stage now.

This project is funded by the US Air Force and its creators wanted to break their own record for time spent in orbit. So, the latest plane of Boeing landed at the Kennedy Space Center after 780 days of continuous space flight (2 years and almost 2 months). Recall, the previous company record was 717 days.

Representatives of the company said that the mission was more than successful and they are moving on to the next stage of testing this development. Perhaps Boeing aircraft will be able to transport people outside the atmosphere of our planet in the near future.

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