The Mainnet of EOS Has Finally Launched

eos blockchain

An ambitious endeavour of EOS, a.k.a. the launch of its blockchain has recently been accompanied by a lot of controversies. It seems like EOS faced difficulties on each step of the development. Firstly, we reported that the main network was almost ready lo launch, however, the process was delayed due to some unexpected reasons.

In case you do not fully understand the mechanism of the launch, we will break it down to you. Basically, the platform can be activated only after 150 million EOS tokens (15% of the whole supply) are bet. The token holders are supposed to vote for the producers which will generate EOS blocks by betting tokens of them.

The process seems rather complicated, which is probably why it took around one week to get to the mark of 150 million. Despite the expectation of EOS developers, users were quite reluctant to vote.

Anyway, all the obstacles have been overcome, the tokens have been staked and the blockchain has finally launched. The EOS developers cannot hide their happiness about this.

We would like to remind you that the project managed to collect $4 billion during the ICO which lasted for more than a year, thus, establishing itself as one of the strongest players of the cryptocurrency market.

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