The Main Network of EOS Blockchain Will Soon Launch

eos blockchain

The group of companies which are going to be producing EOS blocks united into one organization called EOS Mainnet Launch Group. It is meant for discussing and fixing all the issues which might come up while launching the main network of EOS.

We remind you that EOS is the major competitor of the Ethereum platform. It was launched by the creator of Steemit and BitShares. The project allows for the businesses to create blocks for their data and applications. EOS blockchain supports thousands of transaction a second with no commissions whatsoever. It will supposedly be the quickest and most convenient blockchain in the world.

Closer to the launch, EMLG was founded to improve and advance the technology. On Saturday, more than 100 EMGL members organized a group call to an agree on whether the main networ of EOS should be launched or not.

The decision was made almost unanimously: the members voted “yes” for the launch. The network should start operating in the nearest time. However, the first 2 days it will undergo major check-ups and tests to detect vulnerabilities.

Being one of the most prominent blockhain projects of the world and having collected a record number of investments during the ICO, EOS is exposed to a lot of attention and, therefore, danger from potential hackers. Thus, we can make a conclusion than the launch of the main network will be accompanied by a lot of difficulties. The Coin Shark will be monitoring the situation and reporting on major changes with EOS blockchain.

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