The Launch of the Disney Streaming Service will Take Place This Year: What to Expect?

Disney Company places high bets on the launching of its own streaming service called Disney Plus and finally told us about what this service will include.

Firstly, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, the streaming service is the company’s “top priority” for this year. The company announced an impressive list of documentaries and reality shows. Most of premium original programmes planned for Disney Plus rely on such big-budget franchises as Marvel and Star Wars.

Disney Plus will support the Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic content. In other words, Disney plans to make a new service more universal for the whole family.  

The release date is scheduled for November 12th.

A monthly subscription to service costs $7 and with annual subscription users will receive a discount. So for a year of watching Disney Plus, the user will pay $70 instead of $84.

Disney Plus streaming service will become a serious competitor to Netflix, Hulu and ESPN Plus.

Since 2016 Netflix positioned itself as the best service for watching Disney movies with a subscription. But now everything will change and Disney doesn’t intend to extend cooperation with Netflix because now it will be able to broadcast directly on their own platform. All films released by Disney in 2019 are for Disney Plus.

According to Iger, Disney Plus will be the only place broadcasting all of the company’s released films. The service will also support “the entire library of Disney films” and, of course, will continue to replenish the list with original and exclusive novelties from the media corporation.

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