The Highlights of the RSA Conference 2019 Held in San Francisco

RSA Conference is an international convention devoted to information security. It is held every year and unites hundreds of bright developers, businessmen, cyber security experts, companies in order to find new unique solutions for protecting data, assets etc. from hacker attacks and other cyber intrusion.

RSA Conference is, undoubtedly, the most large-scale and the most important information security event in the world. This year it was held at Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, USA, and brought 740 speakers and 700 companies from all over the planet. The overall attendance equalled to over 40 thousand people.

The details of the conference

During the event, Moscone Center, the premises of the conference, turned into a little ecosystem with a bunch of sessions, seminars and showcases happening all the time all over the place.

There was so much going on that it would be absolutely impossible for one individual to attend everything.

Formal official seminars were followed by more casual laid-back meetings and discussions. Different companies displayed and introduced their products and developments, exchanged ideas and talked over the pressing cyber security issues.

Key presentations

The conference included a couple of major speeches made by the representatives of the world’s largest tech companies.

For instance, Ronald Woerner from DirectDefense talked on the topic “Cybersecurity Tips, Tools and Techniques for Your Professional Toolbag”. The security software developer from Netflix, Tejas Dharamshi, presented his speech “Building Identity for an Open Perimeter” etc.

The star of the show

Certainly, we couldn’t leave out the phenomenon of this year’s conference – Kyla Guru. This 16-year-old high school student is the CEO of her own cyber security platform, called BitsnBytes.

Her speech at the conference was very bright and inspiring. The “Teenage Security Supergirl” by no aspects conceded to her older colleagues.

Hopefully, RSA Conference 2019 brought necessary people with necessary ideas at the right time at the right place, and this year we will hear less about cyber attacks, identity thefts, malicious software etc.

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