The Hackers Stole $152 Thousand from the Users of MyEtherWallet by Breaking into the DNS Server

Users of an Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet became victims of attack of hackers, who, according to general estimates, stole 216 ETH, that is about $152 thousand.

At best, criminals hacked into only one DNS server. As a result, users were redirected to a fake site in order for the hackers to gain access to their keys. Thus, in just a few seconds after logging in, the funds that were stored on wallets were transferred to the account of hackers.

Representatives of MyEtherWallet decided not to hide the incident, but, on the contrary, confirmed the event on their Twitter page:

Based on the data provided by the provider of blockchain information Etherscan, about 179 incoming transactions to the criminals’ wallets amounting to 216 ETH were recorded  during the attack.

The general director of MyEtherWallet Kosala Hemachandra noted that an attack of this magnitude on Google’s public DNS servers was performed by a fairly large team of hackers.

“It is really unfortunate, we live in a world where even the most secured websites are prone to this kind of attacks,” Hemachandra told CoinDesk. “I am sad about this and I hope MEW team will be able to educate users and convince them [to] use hardware wallets and local versions of MEW.”

Earlier the developers of MyEtherWallet denied the fact of hacking of their servers with DNS substitution.

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