The Founder of Boosteroid Spoke About the New Concept of Scaling the Project and Running the Beta Version


CEO (Ivan Shvaichenko) and CTO (Vitaliy Biriukov) of the Boosteroid project described what stage the development of the platform is at, when it will be launched and how it will be scaled the project.

Hello Ivan and Vitaliy. Even though there hasn’t been very long since the beginning of the development of the project, many people are looking forward to the release of your platform on the market. Tell us what has already been done and what needs to be done?

Vitaliy: By now we have already developed the software necessary for the operation of our cloud services platform. We have successfully conducted alpha testing and are setting up servers (located in the US, the Netherlands and Ukraine) to launch a free beta version of the Boostetoid platform in the next few days.

Ivan: Now we face the challenge of providing Boosteroid scaling. By 2020, we plan to provide access to our platform from every corner of our planet and enable users to work with any software products regardless of the power of their device.

It sounds quite ambitious. Have you encountered any difficulties with scaling?

Ivan and Vitaliy: Absolutely (laugh).

Vitaliy: Initially, the team’s plans were exclusively to build our own Data Centers in different parts of the planet. We focused on two important aspects in our scaling plans: the proximity of Data Centers to users and the number of servers in them. Initially we did not work sufficiently enough on the issue of time frames and financial expenses for the construction of Data Centers.

Ivan: After analyzing wrong steps we’d made, the Boosteroid project team revised the concept of the primary scaling of the service and found the solution to launch our platform as fast as possible.

Why did you change the previous concept of building your own Data Centers?

Vitaliy: However, when we found out how much time and money it was necessary to build data centers, we realized that even with assistance and support of the Georgian government we still needed more than 9 months to get and prepare the site to build a data center in a free industrial zone, to obtain all needed documentation, get a reduced electricity tariff and complete data center engineering. According to the project budget, expenses for this infrastructure increased by 2-3 times comparing to estimated costs.    

So, we gave up the idea to build data centers all over the world to scale the project now, as it would take too long. At the same time our software is ready to operate.

Is it a matter of money or time necessary for construction?

Ivan:  Both. The construction of own data centers requires huge initial capital investments – from $10 to $50 million. In addition, the construction of the Data Center together with the preparatory activities and putting it into operation takes more than two years.

Tell us more about your new scaling models.

Ivan: Along with the construction of our own Data Centers, we started  to apply two more scaling models: Colocation and UBoost.

Colocation is the placement of own equipment and servers in third-party data centers. This model will solve a number of problems: it will reduce capital costs, accelerate the placement of equipment, reduce operating costs and staff costs.

The UBoost model assumes that our software is installed on ready-made servers with suitable architecture in third-party Data Centers, the capacities of which are not involved. The Data Center will benefit from the provision of services to users of the Boosteroid platform, and we will charge our commission (similar to Uber).

Very interesting. At the same time, you said that building your own data centers is not the most profitable thing. However, you will continue to scale Boosteroid including this way. So it does have advantages, doesn’t it?

Vitaliy: Absolutely. Own Data Center provides full control over the work environment, low risk of equipment loss and complete data security.

Ivan: Therefore, we will continue building Data Centers and will gradually transfer our computing power there.

How do you assess the prospects of the project as a whole?

Vitaliy: We look forward to the future optimistically. And it’s not just our desire to implement the project, but also that the Boosteroid team has already done a great job, has made significant progress and continues to grow. In the coming days we are launching a free beta version of the platform, which can be used by anyone. A paid version of the platform will be launched this November, by 2020 our service will be available from anywhere in the world where there is access to Internet.

Ivan: We are sure that by letting users easily overcome the dependence on hardware to work with any software products, we will soon become leaders in the cloud computing market. And of course, you need to be open and trust the world. And everything will turn out great.

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