The First Cryptocurrency Bank Launches in Russia

cryptocurrency bank

The developers from Qiwi Blockchain Technologies, the parent company of which is the payment service Qiwi are launching an impressive cryptocurrency project. They are introducing an investment bank to the digital currency market. The registered brand name of the project is HASH, and it will operate under the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

The enterprise will be operating on the classical banking investment model. Its focuses are going to be searching, evaluating and letting promising projects and startups enter the market, as well as attracting large-scale investors to them.

The project’s CEO, Yakov Barinsky, stated the following:

We help companies to pass the stage of fundraising. The monetization is classic: we get our profit after the company raises funds and enters the market with our help.

Despite the fact that most experts believe that cryptocurrency investments are still a way too risky endeavour, the representatives of HASH are sure that the interest in such banks will grow in accordance with the market’s volume and government regulation.

HASH is currently helping 3 companies to conduct a token sale. They are actively cooperating with internationaol funds and conducting a complex analytical study of the situatuon on the market.

We want to remind you that the Moscow Exchange is developing a framework which will allow businesses to conduct ICOs in Russia.

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