The Developers of Fortnite Had a Merry Christmas: What Happened to the Game?

Fortnite is currently one of the most popular and hyped-up game out there. People forgot about Dota and Minecraft, everyone is obsessed with Fortnite.

For those not familiar with the game, Fortnite is a free game in the genre of battle royale, developed by the studio Epic Games in 2017 for desktops (Windows, MacOS) and consoles (PlayStation and XBox).

Besides the game itself, some credits should be given to the infamous Fortnite dance which quickly went viral.

However, something weird happened yesterday, December 26, the day after Christmas. Multiple players from all over the world reported having issues with the game.

People either couldn’t log in, or got stuck in queues. Others didn’t manage to stay logged in for longer than 5 minutes.

Epic Games quickly discovered the issue and started taking measures. They mentioned it on their Twitter.

The funny thing is that the developers called it a minor outage, while it certainly was way more serious.

Though it is not really that big of a deal, since the problem was fixed and such issues can sometimes happen, Epic Games lost quite a lot of money, cause this outage happened during the holiday season.

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