The Developer of the Cult Game Pokemon Go Announced the Release of a New Product Based on “Harry Potter”

Representatives of the studio Niantic, which released a very popular game Pokemon Go, said that by the end of this year they would introduce a new product “Wizards Unite” to the world. It is noteworthy that it will be based on the Harry Potter Universe, which has a multi-million army of fans around the world.

The corresponding statement recently appeared on the official website of the studio.

The new game will be similar to the already well-received Pokemon Go. “Magic footprints” will appear on the map, following which a user can find enchanted places, artifacts, and various magical creatures. With the latter, you can enter into contact through spells that can be activated by special intuitive gestures on the smartphone display. It is worth noting that in the process of passing the Wizards Unite players will face various enemies and Eaters. In order to conquer them, you will have to assemble a team of friends.

You can get acquainted with the appearance of the game right now on the official page of the studio on Twitter.

Representatives of Niantic have not announced a formal release date of the new game, so far it is only known that the deadline is the end of 2019 and that the product will be available on both Android and iOS. Users of the former can now apply for early access.

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