The Criminals Stole The Personal Information of the Customers of Canadian Banks

computer monitor hackers

According to the statements of a couple of Canadian financial structures, their systems were hacked and the private information on customers was leaked. The attackers managed to bypass all the security procedures and obtained such details about the users as names, passwords, social security numbers, account and credit card numbers etc.

The representatives of Bank of Montreal and Simplii Financial received a bizarre email which claimed that the data on the users had been stolen and would be returned only on receiving $1 million in XRP (the token of Ripple). Almost as much as 100k customers were threatened.

One of the victims told CBC news that he was extremely worried about the whole situation and even lost sleep because of it.

The criminals demanded a large sum of money in exchange for information. They promised to make all the data public if $1 million in XRP was not transferred to their electronic wallet by the 28th of May. The peculiar fact is that though being newly created, this wallet already had around $5 million.

The deadline has already gone. When asked what the response was, the Bank of Montreal claims that they “do not to make payments to fraudsters”, while the representatives of Simplii Financial say that they are currently working on strengthening their security systems.

It is thought that the email was sent by the Russians, however, neither CBC news, nor the banks have any proofs of this fact.

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