The Court Recognized the Right of Pavel Durov to Gram Cryptocurrency

durov has the right to gram crypto

In May of this year, the management of the cross-platform messenger Telegram filed a lawsuit against Lantah LLC. The latter planned to issue its own cryptocurrency called Gram, similar to Pavel Durov‘s idea. According to the claim, Lantah violated the trademark rights owned by Telegram.

The California District Court took an interim decision in favor of Pavel Durov. Now he has the right to develop and promote his cryptocurrency, Gram. Also, the founder of Telegram can officially prohibit the American startup Lantah from using the virtual money brand Gram.

At the same time, Pavel Durov did not apply to the patent office, while Lantah officially registered the name Gram in the summer of 2018. The founder of Telegram and TON platform gained an advantage, because he proved the fact of using the brand in commercial activity. Under the US law, it is the use of the brand that can be decisive in determining the rights to it.

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