The CEO of a Crypto Startup Cornerstone Was Kidnapped in the Capital of Ukraine

As it became known, last Sunday, March 10, 2019, the CEO of a blockchain-startup Cornerstone Gregory Kucherkov got kidnapped in Kiev. His company developed a product with which it would be easy and simple to invest in real estate using the blockchain technology.

At this point, the startup has already done a private sale of its tokens and they have already managed to attract part of the investment. Gregory Kucherkov was planning an ICO, where the company hoped to sell half a billion tokens.

Fedor Martynov, the COO of the startup, provided the investigation with a surveillance video. It clearly shows two unknown men blocking the way to their victim with a Volkswagen van, and as Kucherkov approached their car to figure out what was wrong, they pointed a weapon at him and forced him to get into the van.

The company believes that the kidnappers’ main purpose is a ransom, and now they are waiting for the latter to contact them.

The Cornerstone team strongly hopes that the general publicity of this incident will help to return Gregory Kucherkov home safe and sound.

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