The British company Proof of Trust will be listed on the London Stock Exchange

The company Proof of Trust, which uses smart contracts for arbitration, shared information about the planned access to the London Stock Exchange. The company has developed a technology for insurance of transactions and smart contracts on the blockchain network.

Dean Armstrong, CEO of Proof of Trust, has not yet announced a specific launch date for the LSE and not provided other financial details. At the same time, he said that he would wait for the moment when investors could join his ambitious project.

The main feature of the created security protocol is an algorithm that should prevent an attempt to conspire on the network (51% attack).

Proof of Trust delivers an innovative anti-collision algorithm to enable more effective and trustworthy use of blockchain technology. It does so by ensuring the authenticity of data put on the blockchain and used to execute smart contracts.” — representatives of Proof of Trust said.

The company also reports that representatives of the government, large international companies and even prime ministers of several countries became interested in their idea.

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