The British City will be Controlled by the Operating System

The British city of Kingston upon Hull, a large port center on the shores of the North Sea, will receive its own operating system. It will collect data, analyze life in the city and efficiently distribute resources, as the authorities hope. Similar systems are already operating in Las Vegas, Copenhagen, and Jaipur.

The first step will be to put many IoT sensors on the streets of Hull city to provide real-time data. Based on this information, the city council will monitor the situation with lighting, garbage, parking lots and traffic jams and take measures if necessary.

The local telecommunications provider Connexin will be responsible for connecting information from multiple sensors. Based on the Cisco Kinetic for Cities software, the company created a centralized CityOS operating system with sensors connected and able to communicate with each other.

As a first step, the city authority has already placed sensors inside the garbage cans. They track the amount of garbage, and the system calculates the optimal routes of garbage trucks and their operating time.

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