The Bank of America Has Patented the Technology to Protect Blockchain

A new system was patented on Tuesday, which was designed to protect the blockchain network from access by cyber criminals. Now the system belongs to one of the largest banks of the US – the Bank of America, according to the published patent by the US Patent Office.

The document describes the course of actions that will help to regulate the security and access to the data of each individual component of the blockchain in the network by means of specially developed security coins. The system will work in an autonomous mode, which eliminates the need for constant monitoring of corresponding specialists.

The financial conglomerate believes that there is a need for a free and effective way of identifying each individual part of the blockchain in the network for subordinate companies and others. Due to this, options will be available and users will be authorized to provide additional verification for access to the blocks.

Moreover, the system will be able to set certain periods of user attendance to block, limiting access by time.

We remnd you that the Bank of America previously managed to obtain a patent for a digital asset exchange system that converts one cryptocurrency into another.

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