Thanos from Avengers Turns Google Search Results Into Dust

On the eve of the premiere of the final part of the “Avengers”, Google decided to please Marvel fans with a special Easter egg.

So, when typing the words Thanos or Infinity Gauntlet into the search bar, the browser redirects you to a page containing information on the subject with the image of a golden Infinity Gauntlet in the right upper part of the screen. If you click on it, then half of your search results one after another will turn into dust.

According to the story, Thanos accidentally turned half of humanity into ashes at the end of the Infinity War, now he will do the same with your Google page. But do not worry, because all the elements of the browser can be returned to the place by clicking on the image again.

Such Easter egg may appeal not only to fans of American comics but also to other Google users. By the way, Google has hidden many interesting secrets that make our interaction with the browser much more fun. And this applies not only to fans of Marvel!

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