Tesla’s Shares Have Dropped Significantly: Why?

Tesla, one of the biggest manufacturers of electric vehicles, has recently faced several big issues, and as every action has its reaction, the company’s shares have dropped to the lowest positions unseen since the Obama presidency.

The EV maker suffers different political uncertainties, first of all, they are problems with electric car maker’s prospects in China, we are all aware of a fierce the U.S.-China battle on the international trade “field”. Second of all, the problem of Tesla’s ability to deliver on its premium stock valuation. Third of all, they are management problems, Elon Musk’s “jokes” did not escape global investors’ attention.

A Tesla analyst at Evercore ISI says:

“The only thing that can justify such valuations is supernatural growth and best in class execution. Both are in question right now.”

Even though Tesla’s stocks are not in their best condition, it is still the biggest manufacturer of EV in the world, and people love Tesla and love Tesla cars.

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