Tesla Patents Next-Generation Battery

Tesla has made a breakthrough in the area of long-life batteries. Now the company has published a patent for productive, cheap battery with long service life.

Last week, Tesla partner Jeff Dahn and his team of researchers from the University of Dalhousie in Canada presented the results of a test of a new battery that will last an electric car for 1.6 million km. This is a lithium-ion battery with a single-crystal cathode and an advanced electrolyte.

Now the company has filed a patent application for an invention, co-sponsored by Jeff Dahn and his colleagues. It looks so similar to the previous development that there is every reason to believe that we are talking about the same battery.

One of the features of the new invention is two additives for electrolyte, which increase the productivity and service life of the lithium-ion battery. The patent also describes cathodes and anodes that are optimally suitable for the described electrolyte. It helps to achieve a more efficient battery work.

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