Tesla Opened The First Public Station Supercharger V3

Tesla Opened The First Public Station Supercharger V3

Tesla opened a new generation Supercharger V3 station in Las Vegas. Recall that the company presented a new development in March of this year, but the only such station was on the territory of the Fremont plant so far.

The Supercharger V3 in Las Vegas, which has 39 charging points, is actually the first common-access station of a new generation in the world. Note that the new charging station is unique for the reason that it can accumulate and store energy itself. The fact is that it is equipped with solar panels, as well as original Tesla batteries – Powerpack.

Recall, the new development of Tesla engineers is a fast-charging station V3, which has a power of 250 kW for one car. It is worth noting that only the new Model 3 can accumulate energy so quickly. To show how fast it is, see a specific example: after 5 minutes charging on V3, Tesla Model 3 Long Range will have enough energy to drive 120 km.

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